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Moments matter: Intelligent engagement with customers,
partners and suppliers

Create a culture of customer obsession

The rules of engagement have changed. 83 percent of consumers are more likely to do business with brands that allow them to control where, when and how they interact. Leaders from procurement to supply management to sales and service need to infuse intelligence and context into all commerce processes to deliver a systematic approach to engagement with their customers, partners and suppliers. This is fueled by the power of cloud, mobile, social, security, big data and analytics to create value and profit.

Become essential to your customers, partners and suppliers. That is the power of Smarter Commerce.

Make it personal

Make it personal
Customers, partners and suppliers expect you to know them and engage with them in innovative ways at the right time, in the right context. These deepened personalized experiences lead to new customers, new partnerships and long term, high value engagements. is Canada’s largest e-commerce marketplace, with millions of products across 26 categories, consummate customer service and a social loyalty program that rewards members on every purchase and product referral. With Smarter Commerce solutions, offers an online retail eCommerce site with tightly integrated analytics and builds a community of customers with personalized loyalty rewards. Read more.

Maximize the moment

Maximize the moment
Smarter approaches to commerce allow your enterprise to use contextual information—like intent, motivation, location and transaction history—to engage in real time and deliver seamless, intuitive interactions. This helps to heighten loyalty and accelerate advocacy.

With 1,800 employees, a presence in 20 states and a comprehensive offering of more than 10,000 products, Performance Bicycle in the United States operates bricks-and-mortar stores, a printed catalog business and an e-commerce website. With Smarter Commerce solutions, the company can deliver full visibility of online customer activity to their help desk team, with integrated point-of-sale systems at retail stores and e-commerce channels. They now deliver tailored content and offers based on customers’ previous interactions with the brand across all channels.

Satisfy at the speed of life

Satisfy at the speed of life
Smarter enterprises create a single "system of satisfaction" by integrating their front and back end operations. By infusing intelligence throughout all commerce processes, your enterprise can connect and deliver delightful experiences every time, in every context.

CSX Transportation provides a crucial link to the transportation supply chain through its approximately 21,000 mile rail network, which serves 23 states east of the Mississippi River, the District of Columbia, and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. With Smarter Commerce, CSX now has a centralized system, helping to eliminate the high cost of having to process orders from their customers via multiple VANs. Return on investment was realized within 18 months after implementation.

Smarter Commerce solution areas

  • B2B Integration

    B2B Integration

    Drive growth and improve performance with synchronized information

  • eCommerce


    Deliver a differentiated omni-channel brand experience across every customer interaction

  • Procurement


    Increase savings, improve supplier performance and mitigate risk


Moosejaw Mountaineering reaches new heights of customer engagement through smarter commerce. Watch the video.

It's not B2B or B2C anymore. It's Business to Individual.

84 percent would trade their personal information for a personalized offer

Deliver delight by industry

Banking customers demand trust, transparency, varied offerings and multiple channels through which to do business. Smarter commerce can help banks meet these demands while addressing tough cost, risk and compliance requirements.

Communication service providers are challenged to compete aggressively for increasingly savvy customers, and to protect fragile margins by improving business operations. See how smarter commerce solutions can help.

Consumer Products
Today's consumer products companies face unprecedented customer expectations and supply chain challenges. Smarter Commerce solutions help integrate analytics, business processes and connectivity to deliver customer-centric experiences and fulfillment.

Today’s products—and the customers—are more sophisticated and connected than ever before. Market leaders engage and delight customers at every moment that matters, with Smarter Commerce solutions across the entire customer experience lifecycle.

Connected, informed and empowered through mobile technologies and social media, the consumer is in charge. Use Smarter Commerce solutions to extend brand value, deepen customer relationships and drive operational efficiency.

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Smarter Commerce can help achieve nearly 15x ROI

Smarter Commerce can help achieve nearly 15x ROI
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1. "Winning over the empowered consumer," IBM Institute for Business Value, 2012