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Tactical lead generation

The challenge

Rising cases and falling resources

Law enforcement agencies are experiencing rising case loads and constrained budgets. As a result, the pressure mounts from citizens and elected leaders to resolve backlogged cases. That requires that officers generate higher value leads more quickly.

The difficulty is data. Law enforcement agencies are already overwhelmed by the volume of data in their own systems. And they often lack access to critical information housed in other law enforcement organizations. The effort required to generate high quality leads from this environment is resource- and time-intensive.


The solution

High quality, intelligent case leads

Solving cases is like a giant puzzle―one that requires assembling hundreds or thousands of pieces. These pieces are the collected bits of data that reside in internal and external law enforcement systems. The tactical lead generation solution, featuring IBM® i2® COPLINK®, helps officers solve these puzzles faster.

COPLINK provide a single source of trusted access to data from law enforcement systems such as records management systems, citations, bookings and more. COPLINK also includes support for law enforcement information sharing initiatives around the world. This provides officers with automated, near simultaneous access to a wealth of external data.

Further, COPLINK and its tools automate mining the information in these systems. They provide the ability to conduct effective analysis, present the results with geographic information systems (GIS), charting and analytical tools, and visualize relationships, associations and incident progressions over time. All of which help quickly generate high quality investigative leads and allow your officers to solve more crimes with less analytic effort.


The benefits

Solve more crimes with less effort

Law enforcement agencies around the world have realized that IBM i2 COPLINK can help them solve more crimes without expanding staff, keep officers and communities safer, and disrupt ongoing crime and terrorism activities.

These tools help agencies solve cases faster by:


The specifics

Powerful, modular law enforcement tools

The power and benefits of the COPLINK family of tools becomes clear when you see how you can assemble a customized, modular solution that includes: