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Content analytics

The challenge

Citizens are getting tougher to protect

Public safety is becoming increasingly more difficult to provide. Blame it on the fast-paced, interconnected world we live in. Municipalities face a growing mountain of data from more types of networks, making timely, synchronized analysis and response ever more difficult. Even reacting to natural events becomes more challenging, given constantly mobile populations. With non-stop data streams, perhaps the best hope is finding a way to gather the data faster, analyze it intelligently and deliver information that can save lives and protect property.


The solution

Finding the answers in the data

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions from IBM provide an integrated suite of applications and tools with industry-leading capabilities. They deliver combined analysis of both structured content such as report data and statistics, and unstructured content like email and social networking posts, enabling agencies to enhance crime-fighting, emergency planning and incident response.

ECM solutions include IBM® Content Analytics as well as IBM Case Manager solutions, together with the IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities and IBM i2® Law Enforcement solutions, providing unparalleled capabilities to help ensure public safety. These solutions enable agencies to unlock information, develop insights, investigate and prevent crime, and enhance command and control by integrating many forms of information and quickly delivering it to the right responders.


The benefits

Improved public safety means growth

As cities and regions compete in the global marketplace for work, investment and talent, public safety is a crucial factor in determining overall quality of life. Smarter public safety is not simply a responsibility of government, but also a priority for economic success. ECM solutions from IBM can ensure urban communities thrive by helping agencies:


The specifics

Details of content management solutions

ECM solutions from IBM can include a variety of components that work together to improve public safety.