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Energy optimization

The challenge

Too many urban buildings use too much energy

Buildings consume up to 42 percent of all energy worldwide. By 2025, buildings will likely be the largest consumers of energy—and the largest emitters of greenhouse gases—on the planet. Even worse, about 30 percent of a building’s total operating cost goes for energy. So, as the cost of energy goes up, the need to reduce both consumption and overall building expenses takes on new urgency.


The solution

Creating smarter cities starts with making buildings smarter

The best way for a building to become smarter is by empowering owners and managers to collect energy and operational metrics into a single, centralized location and apply enterprise-wide analytical and optimization capabilities to gain insights from that information. That’s where IBM® TRIRIGA® Energy Optimization can help.

This integrated software offering provides a comprehensive, easy-to-understand dashboard view of vital information such as monthly peak electric demand and energy usage. Dashboards can be tailored to personnel (such as executives or line of business) or to tasks (such as alerts or work orders). Data filters can also be used to display a wide variety of graphs for visualizing energy consumption and other trends.

The real-time data gathering and analysis capabilities allow building managers to address service issues proactively before they occur and visualize energy, environmental and portfolio performance metrics for floor space under management. The solution enhances management of heating, air conditioning and power consumption to help lower costs and emissions.


The benefits

A smarter building is a wise investment

IBM TRIRIGA Energy Optimization provides a single, role-based view of the data, allowing you to visualize energy, environmental and portfolio performance metrics benefits. It can help:


The specifics

Rely on IBM smarter buildings experience and expertise

As a part of a portfolio of IBM solutions for Smarter Buildings, IBM TRIRIGA Energy Optimization is built on a combination of IBM technology innovation, real-world experience in business analytics and optimization, and the extensive IBM ISV ecosystem. The combination of real-time monitoring and event management technologies delivers robust analytics, visualization and management capabilities.

In addition, IBM Global Business Services® can deliver consulting expertise to bring together business and operational requirements. IBM Global Technology Services can also provide operational and integration best practices. The result is the greater effectiveness and productivity that both site-specific building management and global energy efficiency issues require.