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Smarter Cities solutions for emergency management

The challenge

High expectations. Limited resources.

Emergency and incident management personnel are expected to mitigate minor situations so they don’t become major events, plan and prepare for those events should they occur, respond quickly and seamlessly to those events, and restore operations to normal after the event. All with static or declining budgets. The conflict is apparent.

Ironically, first responders—those most responsible for community safety—often feel the brunt of this conflict. IBM® Smarter Cities® emergency management solutions integrate data management and analytics tools to turn data into insights to help satisfy these expectations.


The solution

Smarter data at your fingertips

Your organization has data. From computerized records of past events to currently collected data like emergency routes and detours, utility locations, and responder locations and status. But what if you could harness and interconnect all that data so every responder has near real-time access? And what if you could share that data across organizational boundaries to multiply its value?

Smarter Cities emergency management solutions can help make this your reality. These solutions are designed to collect and aggregate your existing and future data—from historical event information to sensor data to system status to video. But the Smarter Cities emergency management solutions are more than just a data repository. They allow data sharing across organizational boundaries, putting information where it’s needed when it’s needed.

However, more data alone can overload already taxed responders. So the Smarter Cities emergency management solutions use sophisticated analytics engines to automatically process the data and provide intelligent insights into key performance indicators and trends. This provides responders with data quality, not just data quantity. Even more, those analytics can provide insight for future incident planning to help you meet increased performance expectations regardless of future budget constraints.


The benefits

Satisfy stakeholders at all levels

Organizations worldwide have found that Smarter Cities emergency management solutions can help mitigate potential events, prepare for future threats and adverse events, respond professionally to those events, and quickly return the community to normal. Organizations that take advantage of these solutions may benefit from:


The specifics

Powerful, scalable, cohesive solutions

The power and benefits of the Smarter Cities emergency management solutions become clear when you understand the modular and scalable system design that includes:



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