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Facilities management

The challenge

Does your building have its own answers for success?

Today’s buildings and workplaces are major generators—and consumers—of data. Where once buildings were simply physical infrastructures composed of concrete, wires and steel, buildings now also include a huge variety of connected sensors and systems that constantly generate volumes of data about the building. But how do you leverage this data to better manage your facility? How do you deliver more value to your organization by increasing operational effectiveness and improving both financial and environmental performance?


The solution

Making your building’s data work for you

Increased instrumentation supplies the data, but the interconnectedness of that data combined with analytics and process automation enables authentic intelligence to be delivered. IBM facility management software provides strategic facilities planning and space management, move management and workplace reservation management capabilities. It lets you centralize and integrate critical facility management processes to help improve the effectiveness of a distributed workforce, increase space utilization and accelerate the configuration of your company’s workplace.

IBM TRIRIGA Facility Manager integrates processes and analytics to help you track and sustain utilization, density, vacancy rates, security and proximity information. It can help you know exactly where your organization’s locations, personnel and assets are—or where they should be.

This solution centralizes and coordinates workplace management processes including space and facilities utilization, moves, additions, or changes of personnel, assets, and organizations and generates and assigns move projects and work tasks and associated costs. It helps improve efficiency and directly affects an organization’s bottom line through the automation and consolidation of processes.


The benefits

Smarter buildings are smart business

The integrated processes and analytics included in IBM TRIRIGA solutions deliver critical capabilities to improve facility management planning streamline operational controls and increase facility utilization:


The specifics

Solutions to manage your building’s lifecycle

IBM TRIRIGA solutions provide a single system to manage the lifecycle of facilities. They deliver business analytics, critical alerts and automated processes to increase visibility, control and automation of real estate management, capital projects, facility management, facility maintenance and environmental and energy management.

As a best-in-class solution, IBM TRIRIGA solutions provide the industry's most extensive real estate and facility management functionality in a fully integrated workplace management system (IWMS). The extensible technology in IBM TRIRIGA provides customers with unmatched business agility to rapidly configure and reconfigure the application as your needs change. With an outstanding network of consultants, industry experts and market-leading customers, IBM TRIRIGA delivers a wealth of proven best practices.



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