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IBM Integrated Law Enforcement

The challenge

Expanding data. Rising expectations

Today, law enforcement agencies have access to a flood of data. And while law enforcement thrives on information, the sheer volume of internally and externally collected data often makes finding the right information at the right time a seemingly impossible task. Agencies that maximize their ability to quickly extract value from this data can reduce crime, meet new and emerging threats, improve officer safety and better meet rising public expectations.


The solution

The power of intelligent, integrated information

Information is essential, but extracting the insights you need when you need them can be difficult. One answer is to employ cutting edge, automated tools that help you wade through that data to identify individuals, discover relationships, recognize trends and anticipate events. But these tools often present a piecemeal solution.

By contrast, IBM® Integrated Law Enforcement provides a holistic approach to creating actionable insights from that sea of information. More than just a data repository, Integrated Law Enforcement allows officers and analysts to collaboratively gather data from a variety of sources, perform automated analyses, and develop actionable leads―regardless of staff location or the time of day. All while supplying command and operational staff with easily understood information for improved situational awareness and performance.

As a modularized, integrated solution that offers value out of the box, Integrated Law Enforcement provides a flexible approach that gives you the freedom to roll out functionality based on your highest priorities. So it can help you realize more early successes while continuing to meet your needs as you move along the value curve from reactive to proactive policing.


The benefits

Improved operational results

Law enforcement agencies around the globe have embraced the efficiency and safety advantages of Integrated Law Enforcement tools. From small town departments to major metropolitan organizations, agencies have realized these tools can help them:


The specifics

Automated and integrated collaboration

Integrated Law Enforcement integrates the tools you need to automate your collaborative law enforcement environment and begin moving up the value curve. These include tools for: