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Intelligent transportation

The challenge

Traffic congestion and gridlock

Sitting in a traffic jam is not just annoying—gridlock affects commerce and safety as well. All those vehicles idling on clogged roadways also contribute to pollution. But with shrinking budgets, cities often don’t have adequate funding to rebuild or expand aging infrastructures, so it is crucial to find smarter ways to optimize existing assets. Intelligent transportation solutions from IBM are designed to reduce traffic congestion, improve incident response, optimize traffic flow and help you proactively manage traffic conditions.


The solution

Paving the way for innovation

Intelligent transportation solutions provide traffic analysis and prediction capabilities and a comprehensive, scalable platform for traffic management solutions. It aggregates data from multiple devices that identify and measure traffic speed and volume on city roads. Giving you near real-time citywide visibility into traffic conditions, it can capture data from disparate sources, such as cameras, radar and under-road loop detectors, as well as systems based on Bluetooth or mobile phone technology.

With the intelligent transportation solutions, you can achieve a 360-degree overview of your entire transportation infrastructure. It integrates existing technologies into a single information model for advanced analysis and sharpened visibility of traffic incidents.

The predictive analytics capability in the intelligent transportation solutions leverages historical and real-time traffic data to predict future traffic conditions. It adopts a system-wide analysis method, so the solutions can offer industry-leading accuracy when predicting conditions such as traffic speed and volume, up to an hour in advance.


The benefits

Efficient transportation management

The intelligent transportation solutions help reduce traffic congestion through more efficient management of transportation networks. The solutions are also designed to help you:


The specifics

Driving change with expertise

IBM offers various deployment models to provide cities of all sizes and varying levels of IT resources with the benefits of these intelligent transportation solutions. Cities with more robust IT capabilities can deploy the software in a data center. Cities may also choose to work with other cities to share services using preconfigured systems. For those cities without the resources or skills for deploying and maintaining solutions on their premises, IBM offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) option on the IBM® SmartCloud™. The intelligent transportation solutions also take advantage of the IBM Intelligent Operations Center to enable real-time communication and collaboration with other city agencies to coordinate actions and resolve issues efficiently.