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IBM Enterprise Asset Management for water utilities

The challenge

Many assets. Disparate systems.

Utility companies are asset-intensive. And historically, utilities have managed their assets in silos. However, the emergence of the smart meters and smart water networks, challenges of an aging workforce, and a demanding regulatory environment make it critical to standardize on one asset management platform. Now, with the IBM® Enterprise Asset Management solution for utilities, that need transforms from possibility to reality.


The solution

Many assets. One management platform.

By using an instrumented approach that includes digital sensors, advanced communication networks and sophisticated analytics, the IBM Enterprise Asset Management solution can help your enterprise understand asset condition, usage and allocation in near real time to more effectively manage resources and costs. The solution creates an interconnected value chain, linking utility participants at multiple levels from rain to drain. It then enables the intelligent flow of information, which can be used to transform and optimize asset performance, worker productivity and supplier enablement.


The benefits

Maximize value and performance

The IBM Enterprise Asset Management solution is comprised of three distinct offerings:

These three solutions are a vital part of a revitalization of today’s water utilities, which also includes the emergence of the smarter water network management. Together, they can help your utility enterprise:

  • Better manage the life cycles of physical assets such as meters, pumps, valves and sensor devices to improve preventive maintenance.
  • Reconcile deployed asset information with information collected by meter data management systems.
  • Correlate the knowledge of physical assets with problems experienced with the operations infrastructure to better analyze a problem's root cause.
  • Establish more efficient business process workflows and strengthen governance across a company.

With the IBM Enterprise Asset Management solution, you can position your utility as a smart water company with cutting edge, water-saving and cost-saving opportunities that help ensure competitive positioning for the future.


The specifics

A leader in asset management

The IBM Enterprise Asset Management solution is built on IBM Maximo® Asset Management configuration tools, which let you tailor the system, screens and business processes to your business needs without altering source code. Additional tools can include: