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Framework for smarter education from IBM

The challenge

Monitoring student performance

Educators today are faced with the challenge of developing innovative teaching methods to improve learning outcomes. How can you determine which programs are delivering results and which are not? Can you monitor and forecast students’ academic performance? Teachers and administrators need data accuracy—the ability to align all assessments and progress reports into a single view—and research-tested interventions based on insights into a student’s future academic achievement to help turn a low performer into a high achiever.


The solution

Data integration and management

The framework for smarter education from IBM can provide an integrated K-20 solution that supports teaching and learning, both inside and outside the classroom, while presenting educational leaders with the information they need to help ensure accountability and improved academic performance. Our solution is designed to drive improved student academic achievement using predictive analytics, instructional case management and education portal capabilities. With an open standards-based approach to our framework, we can help you integrate solutions from IBM and other providers to enable enhanced collaboration, access and learning delivery both inside and outside the classroom.


The benefits

Comprehensive enterprise-wide solution

Our solution can enhance classroom teaching and learning and drive accountability as well as improved performance of students by enabling data integration and more advanced analytic capabilities. With a single, more reliable view across multiple information sources for more accurate performance measurements, our solution can enable transformation of learning services with a comprehensive framework supporting open standards-based interoperability.


The specifics

Integrated solution with multiple assets

IBM provides experienced consulting services in education to help build data systems that are designed to measure student growth and inform instructional leaders about how they can improve instruction. Our solution leverages multiple assets:



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