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IBM Cúram solution for family services

The challenge

The need to address emerging trends

Families today are more broadly defined and complex than before. Stepfamilies, single parents, foster and adoptive families, and families headed by married or unmarried partners of the same or opposite gender are all part of the mix. Multi-generational households are more prevalent due to unemployment and a difficult economic climate. People are living longer, either independently or with family. Government organizations need new approaches that address these challenges in programs designed for child welfare, juvenile justice, elder care and other family services.


The solution

A new approach to social program needs

Family services systems deal with enormous amounts of data and high numbers of users. Collecting all of this data and using it to connect citizens to the right programs is critical. The family services solution from IBM enables administrators to analyze this information to create differentiated service plans based on each person’s or family’s unique life circumstances, and helps locate and coordinate the delivery of benefits and services across program boundaries.

By interconnecting disparate data and making it available to support various functions and stakeholders, the solution can enhance collaboration and coordination between all parties involved in creating, implementing and monitoring a care plan. This can lead to effective, multidisciplinary, team-based planning and decision-making based on a complete understanding of the case across all services the individual or family needs.

The family services solution provides an intelligent approach to service delivery by using advanced analytics tools to help optimize resources, streamline program delivery and rapidly modify existing programs. To protect privacy, service providers are granted role-based authority to view and manage case information depending on their function and responsibilities. They can schedule and run assessments to identify if individual circumstances have improved or worsened. And graphic visualization features track individual or family progress, and can help resolve issues throughout the service delivery process.


The benefits

Create and manage optimal outcome plans

The family services solution offers sophisticated tools and analytics capabilities, combined with social program subject matter expertise and services, to allow family services professionals to perform essential functions like:


The specifics

Commercial off-the-shelf

IBM® Cúram solutions provide the foundation for the family services solution, which was designed to address the needs of government organizations that provide or administer elder, juvenile justice and child welfare services. The solutions are architected to enable specific systems for individual agencies, and have the capability to scale to larger enterprises. Because IBM Cúram solutions are built on an extensible architecture, the family services solution can meet the needs of an entire social enterprise, not just family services. As a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product, organizations can reduce the cost and time of implementation and maintenance, while taking advantage of regular upgrades to help ensure the solution is up-to-date.



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