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Innovation in research

The challenge

What it takes

For academic research institutions, innovation is the key to achieving breakthroughs which help position them to compete effectively for faculty and grant funding. These breakthroughs can also stimulate the economy by bringing new cures or products to market, encouraging entrepreneurial activity, attracting new business investment and creating jobs. But to deliver on the advances that are just around the corner, researchers need access to high-performance computing (HPC) resources, and they need to find a better approach to enabling their research.


The solution

Getting smart about research

To speed the advancement of science, knowledge and innovation—while contributing to economic development efforts in regions and states—universities need to adopt smarter approaches. At its core, smarter research requires processes that are instrumented, interconnected and intelligent.

Instrumentation is achieved by collecting, integrating and analyzing research data from real-world, clinical and laboratory sources across your ecosystem by leveraging the power of an IBM HPC infrastructure.

By interconnecting your research institution with partner institutions, government agencies and businesses through a shared infrastructure based on cloud computing, researchers can access the same resources virtually anytime, anywhere. With a shared infrastructure, institutions can integrate cross-research disciplines, domains and silos for a more holistic view and greater collaboration.

With intelligent investments in targeted research, a university can contribute to long-term economic sustainability. Investments in strategic research disciplines can help differentiate a region and improve its competitiveness and attractiveness for public and private industry.


The benefits

Discovery drives development

IBM is an ideal partner for academic research institutions across all disciplines because we can deliver the technology and services that are necessary for successful research discovery and economic development. We can help you:


The specifics

The building blocks of success

To help drive smarter, more innovative research, our HPC solutions provide the ability to apply advanced technology to perform more calculations faster and tackle problems of greater complexity. The key components of our Innovation in Research offerings include:



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