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IBM Cúram solution for employment

The challenge

Providing personalized coordinated services

People who have lost a job require a unique set of services to help them through difficult times, re-establish their careers and return to self-sufficiency. Organizations that serve the workforce need the ability to differentiate the response required for each individual and assign resources accordingly.


The solution

Smarter employment programs

The IBM Cúram solution for employment helps government organizations deliver the right response at the right time, to help maximize resources and improve outcomes. It combines analytics and case management capabilities that can deliver smarter claim management and better outcomes for individuals. The solution supports the full employment claim lifecycle, including application, eligibility and entitlement, payment of claims and the delivery of services. Organizations can then differentiate between simple employment claims and more complex retraining, education and multidisciplinary service delivery.

The solution provides insights to help guide the agency down different response paths depending on the characteristics and needs of the individual. For instance, the processing of simple claims can be streamlined to improve the citizen experience. But the solution could route claims that require retraining or other services to case managers who can bring together collaborative multi-disciplinary teams to deliver the right portfolio of benefits and services.

The Cúram solution for employment can accommodate employment insurance workflows and transactions within a single organization or provide an integrated approach to eligibility and benefits delivery that cuts across multiple employment and social assistance programs. As a result, unemployed citizens can not only return to work more quickly, but return to the workforce in a job or career that can provide long-term self sufficiency.


The benefits

Citizen-centric integrated services

IBM Cúram solution for employment integrates services and information around the individual. The solution facilitates:


The specifics

Comprehensive support for citizens

The IBM Cúram solution for employment uses more than 3,000 industry best practices and rules to enable comprehensive support for citizens—from initial contact through benefit delivery. The solution includes:



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IBM Cúram solution for employment

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