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Healthcare asset management

The challenge

An integrated, patient-centered hospital

How can asset management help improve patient-centered care? Imagine this scenario. A patient arrives at your emergency center, registers and receives a sensor tag. When attended to by hospital staff, a “patient seen” record is created. The patient sees a physician and is admitted. Available resources to support this patient are displayed to a nurse in the admitting unit, who quickly and easily identifies the location of equipment that she will need for this patient.

While the nurse gathers the needed equipment, one of the IV pumps is flagged as “dirty,” ready for cleaning, which prompts the nurse to choose a “clean” IV pump in its place. Medications administered while caring for the patient are validated against patient records and restocking is automated. As hospital staff attends to the patient, hand washing compliance is automatically recorded. A hospital must work as a well-orchestrated dance to ensure quality patient care. The healthcare asset management solution from IBM can help choreograph your equipment, compliance efforts, technology assets and facilities.


The solution

Advanced asset management promoting better patient care

The healthcare asset management solution can help your hospital maximize service quality, reduce risk of non-compliance and manage costs. By tracking and managing your clinical and bio-medical assets, IT datacenter assets and facilities’ equipment with instrumented real-time location systems (RTLS) tags, our solution allows you to maintain a comprehensive and integrated view of all of your assets.

Your organization can track, monitor and manage strategic assets, such as ventilators for critical care, machinery for ultrasound diagnostics, cardiac monitoring devices for direct patient care and IT equipment—desktop or notebook computers, and personal digital assistants (PDAs) used for viewing and documenting patient care information. Our solution provides easy access to interconnected information across all of your facilities to help ensure that equipment is ready for use as needed. Additionally, your hospital can use the information about your assets to maintain intelligent assets and compliance records for the Joint Commission, as well other federal, state and local regulatory commissions.


The benefits

Manage assets across the organization

The healthcare asset management solution offers many business benefits to improve patient care and satisfaction. It can help you:

  • Increase equipment availability.
  • Enhance equipment utilization.
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs.
  • Support and maintain higher quality and service delivery requirements.
  • Lower time and cost for compliance reporting.
  • Improve equipment maintenance, support and allocation.


The specifics

Integrated and comprehensive technologies

Our solution includes specific functionalities for healthcare: calibration of instruments, tools and special equipment; support for electronic signatures, records and audits; support for asset-related corrective and preventive action (CAPA); validation project support; and integration with other document management systems. Physical asset tracking is now possible with integration to RTLS technologies. Technical components may include:

  • IBM® WebSphere® Process Server, a high-performance business process automation engine to help form processes that meet your business goals.
  • IBM WebSphere Portal Server, which provides a composite application or business mashup framework, and the advanced tooling needed to build flexible, service oriented architecture (SOA)-based solutions, as well as the unmatched scalability required by any size organization.
  • IBM Maximo® enterprise asset management software, which provides comprehensive support for your asset, maintenance, resource and parts supply chain management needs.
  • IBM Cognos® enterprise business intelligence and performance management applications to understand performance and make better decisions.
  • IBM WebSphere Sensor Event Server with Location Awareness Services, which manages and integrates sensor information with enterprise applications, and allows you to visualize and track the location of tagged assets and resources in real time.
  • IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, which helps enable fast and flexible application integration with reduced cost and bridge to next-generation interconnectivity.
  • SOA from IBM, a business-centric IT architectural approach that supports integrating your business as linked, repeatable business tasks, or services.
  • Third-party sensor technology components, such as ultrasound, RTSL, infrared, barcodes and WiFi.



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