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School solutions from IBM

The challenge

Education for the future

Schools help define a society's long term health and prosperity, educating the workers and leaders of tomorrow. To prepare students for success and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to contribute to the economic and social well-being of their communities, schools need to become more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. School solutions from IBM can help your school take a new approach to student performance, teacher training, low performing schools and school administration.


The solution

A new school of thought for a smarter planet

When education systems become instrumented, they are able to capture and convey critical data, such as attendance, grades and enrollment in activities. This ability can help your school gain a real-time perspective into how a student is doing and help improve student performance.

Integrated learning services and resources can enable teachers and education experts to share high-quality content and collaborate on critical education topics. We have solutions that can help you improve teacher training through interconnected collaboration. An interconnected school system can also more easily identify low-performing programs and share resources across the infrastructure. Sharing can also be extended to parents, for example, allowing them to track academic grades and scores, attendance and comparative data online.

Finally, an intelligent school system can provide school administration with the tools and insights they need to make smarter decisions at the system level. This insight can help leaders and teachers gain a full picture of student performance and make decisions that can enhance learning, spot troubling trends earlier and instill a sense of common purpose in working toward goals.


The benefits

Empowering students, teachers and administrators

Work with IBM to implement solutions that can help your school encourage students and promote your community’s long-term health and prosperity. Our school solutions can help you:

  • Use cloud computing services to provide cost effective access to resources.
  • Improve student success and teacher effectiveness with any time, any device access to collaboration tools and digital resources.
  • Enhance educational leadership and decision making with training, predictive analytic tools and real-time data.
  • Align educational programs with current and future workforce requirements.


The specifics

The tools to transform your school

As an industry leader, IBM offers your school a broad range of solutions from consulting and implementation to managed services. You can rely on us to bring knowledgeable practitioners, proven methodologies, and world-class hardware and software. Our reliable global delivery capabilities provide you with cost-effective solutions to optimize your IT and consulting spending.



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