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IBM Cúram solution for pensions

The challenge

Accurate records across multiple plans for decades

Pension organizations face funding challenges because of demographic changes that relate to the ratio of active workers to retired people who are drawing a pension. People may be members of a public pension program from the time they enter the workforce until the end of their lives, with membership lasting more than 70 years. During this entire period, accurate records must be maintained. People also may have multiple pension plans, both public and private. Organizations must be able to provide a consolidated view of their potential retirement outcome across all of the plans.


The solution

Supporting pension reform

Pension programs are primarily focused on meeting the needs of the aged. However, they also can provide income replacement for people who experience disability. To support pension reform, the IBM Cúram solution for pensions combines analytics and high-volume transaction processing with self-service and automation capabilities. The solution empowers citizens with insights and tools to help them make better decisions. It automates the employer contribution process, consolidates information across multiple pension plans and makes regular pension payments to the right people at the right time.

The solution gives a view of citizens from the time they become a member of a public pension. It brings together the data needed to promote enrollment in employer programs, targets those people who need help making retirement decisions, and helps ensure employer contributions are timely and accurate. The solution also provides support for survivor, widow and widower benefits and other pension types.

The solution also helps pension organizations manage publicly financed, needs-based programs. It includes support for the primary pension program models, including defined benefit, defined contribution, and the derivatives of these models that are emerging in many countries.


The benefits

Pension program management success

The IBM Cúram solution for pensions provides a business and technology platform to support retirement and disability pension programs. The platform includes:


The specifics

Comprehensive support for individuals

The IBM Cúram solution for pensions uses over 3,000 industry-specific best practices and rules to provide comprehensive support for individuals from initial outreach through case management and outcome evaluation. The solution includes:



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IBM Cúram solution for pensions