This is Social Business on a Smarter Planet.

Today, social technology is enabling collaboration and sharing of knowledge between employees; deeper engagement with customers; more innovation, productivity and efficiency; and greater results. Becoming a social business is now critical to building a smarter workforce, improving customer relationships, strengthening the bottom line and transforming business overall.

Can you turn a comment into a customer?
Can you turn a comment into a customer?

Smarter enterprises holistically embracing social business tools and practices are seeing dramatic results. By analyzing traditional sales data and social interactions, they’re able to gain a better understanding of their customers wants and needs and provide a tailored customer experience. In turn, they are decreasing customer attrition and increasing their profits.

Using social business tools to drive engagement

Today’s empowered customers are vocal. And they’re using social media as their megaphone. Every tweet, blog, comment, review and post they make—positive or negative—is an opportunity for businesses to win over consumers. Smarter enterprises are taking heed by listening to customers and using sentiment analysis and predictive modeling to identify behavior patterns and preferences. Post analysis, they’re implementing changes in the way they create, tailor and market their products and services to their customers with positive results.

Managing online reputations

To combat declining sales, an Italian poultry product company wanted to refresh its brand by tapping into a younger audience. Using social business tools, they tracked consumer comments on social networking sites, blogs and forums to monitor its brand reputation and customer needs. This information allowed them to successfully engage younger consumers, address their needs and nurture customer loyalty.

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Is your best employee working somewhere else?
Is your best employee working somewhere else?

Finding the candidates with the right traits.

A big part of maintaining a competitive edge comes from identifying, hiring and retaining the right talent. Applying robust Social Business tools and Big Data & Analytics both inside and outside the workplace can help an enterprise make smarter personnel decisions. And because an enterprise may spend close to a third of a departing employee’s salary to find and hire a successor, keeping that employee means keeping more revenue.

Smarter hiring, smarter retaining

The right social business tools and analytics technology can help an enterprise simplify the hiring and training process. They can assist in hiring by allowing human-resource managers to pinpoint the traits that make employees successful and profitable in particular roles. And they can help managers more easily identify the candidates with those traits and collaborate more smoothly internally to simplify the hiring process.

Smarter enterprises are using social business technologies and analytics to help improve profits and lower turnover rates by identifying the right employees—long before those employees have walked in the door.

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