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Is your best employee working somewhere else?

Is your best employee working somewhere else?

Finding employees, keeping employees

Seven out of 10 CEOs consider their companies’ greatest resource to be the people who work there. Yet nearly two-thirds of companies have problems finding employees with the right skill sets and traits. Fortunately, we’re entering an age when analytics can offer more meaningful insights into hiring and retaining the best people for the organizations’ needs.

Finding the candidates with the right traits.

A big part of maintaining a competitive edge comes from identifying, hiring and retaining the right talent. Applying robust Social Business tools and Big Data & Analytics both inside and outside the workplace can help an enterprise make smarter personnel decisions. And because an enterprise may spend close to a third of a departing employee’s salary to find and hire a successor, keeping that employee means keeping more revenue.

Smarter hiring, smarter retaining

The right social business tools and analytics technology can help an enterprise simplify the hiring and training process. They can assist in hiring by allowing human-resource managers to pinpoint the traits that make employees successful and profitable in particular roles. And they can help managers more easily identify the candidates with those traits and collaborate more smoothly internally to simplify the hiring process.

Smarter enterprises are using social business technologies and analytics to help improve profits and lower turnover rates by identifying the right employees—long before those employees have walked in the door.

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