Can you risk less by reinventing more?

Can you risk less by reinventing more?

The cloud for experimentation

Innovation is an ongoing process of creating new ideas, new technologies, new products and new processes. Innovation involves experimentation. And experimentation involves taking some wrong turns before discovering the best possible solution.

Until recently, an organization’s ambitions to innovate were restricted by its ability to build a platform powerful enough to support those ambitions. The cloud has changed that. An enterprise that connects its infrastructure to the cloud can now focus on testing, adjusting and deploying new ideas—and uncovering new lines of business, and new customers, that had never seemed attainable.

Discovering new markets

An IT provider that once built its custom software systems exclusively for large and medium-sized hotels shifted its technology to a public cloud platform. In doing so, the company found it could also enter the market for smaller hotels that couldn’t previously afford its software. Another software developer, which analyzes individuals’ facial expressions to tell marketers how their customers really feel, once could only sell its software directly to retailers. The developer now uses the cloud to give its customers easier and less expensive access to its technology and analytics—and to reach new customers and markets.

Cloud technology is no longer primarily a tool for your company’s efficiency, optimization, storage and security. It’s a tool to help you become an incubator of ideas—and to reach customers that once seemed out of range.

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