Does your cloud have the power to power new worlds?

Does your cloud have the power to power new worlds?

Games people play

Two billion people play video games. The infrastructure running those games is impressive, and the data generated around this activity is astonishing. One leading gaming company amasses 50 terabytes of data every day.

Analyzing such a volume, velocity and variety of data can put immense strain on shared cloud servers. Similarly, slowing performance and even causing outages while customers are engaged are simply intolerable conditions for any data-driven enterprise that must deliver high-performance, attractive, seamless experiences.

Dedicated power

Gaming is just one industry in which many innovative companies rely on a cloud with the unparalleled power of bare metal dedicated servers and a carrier-class network—across a global, expanding set of data centers—to deliver essential services and drive business. The same big data challenges hold true for industries like finance, science and medicine, law enforcement and security, insurance and others.

The public cloud has always offered convenience, scalability and efficiency. But for larger enterprises that rely on more performance-sensitive and data-intensive applications, dedicated bare metal servers can optimize performance. With the processing power and speed to handle I/O-intensive Big Data applications, bare metal dedicated servers can deliver more predictable performance results than virtualized cloud servers.

Tailored performance

From gaming to animation to social media and mobile, enterprises handling large resource-intensive Big Data workloads don’t need to compromise on performance. With bare metal dedicated servers delivered on SoftLayer, your cloud solution grows with your business.

Can bare-metal servers help make your data-driven organization more powerful?