Is your cloud overcrowded?

Is your cloud overcrowded?

An abundance of data

Some 7 million pieces of event data are generated in the U.S. every second. With a flood of that speed and volume, no wonder more than half of business leaders say they can’t manage that data properly.

Noisy neighbors

Until recently, the cloud was primarily a tool for efficiency. Today, many organizations are shifting their cloud strategy from efficiency to innovation, and are aggregating, analyzing and taking action on Big Data.

But for the most part, the public cloud is based on shared resources, so multiple applications or virtual machines living on the same physical server can strain performance. What’s known as the “noisy neighbors” scenario can cause performance degradation at the application level, potentially resulting in even website outages, application hanging, all negatively impacting customer satisfaction – whether those customers are in your company or outside.

Bare metal

Companies like mobile game and app developers that use advanced statistics software for high-volume, high-speed data integration want a powerful, reliable, predictable cloud infrastructure. Running mission-critical applications on a dedicated bare metal server reduces the threat of performance issues, leading to customer delight and satisfaction.

Because powerful, dedicated bare metal servers can reduce the noisy neighbors scenario and can be deployed with the same ease as virtualized servers, they can be a great solution for companies running mission-critical applications in the cloud.

Can bare metal servers delivered on SoftLayer help make your data-driven organization more powerful?