Can your cloud keep up with your company?

Can your cloud keep up with your company?

Great expectations

As technology has improved customer service, customer expectations have risen as well. And a company’s ability to serve its customers–as well as its suppliers and partners–may depend on ensuring that its workforce is motivated, connected and collaborative.

More than four out of five industry leaders said in a recent survey that cloud collaboration accelerates results, and almost as many said collaboration gives them a competitive advantage.

And Software as a Service (SaaS) can help advance performance levels by enabling collaboration–even as it lowers IT and personnel costs. Many companies that once had to buy, build and maintain expensive IT infrastructure to keep their workforces connected can now use cloud to become more integrated and collaborative. In doing so, these organizations can serve their customers immediately and more effectively.

Key advantages

While using subscription-based SaaS eliminates separate license fees and reduces hardware investments as well as onboarding and administration costs, its benefits to customers go far beyond bottom-line savings. SaaS applications are ready for use immediately after their implementation–and then they’re available virtually anytime, anywhere, from any device. Because upgrades can be delivered seamlessly and continuously, with no user patches to download and install, organizations can be agile and market responsive with SaaS. And scaling SaaS usage from a small team to several thousand people means customers don’t need to purchase additional hardware or software to expand their operations.

Built for your role

More than 100 SaaS applications from IBM Cloud help solve critical business needs for clients. And with SaaS solutions tailored to marketing, finance, legal, procurement, human resources and other departments, no wonder IT professionals are increasingly adopting SaaS for their operations. Is IBM Cloud SaaS right for your business?

Is IBM Cloud SaaS right for your business?