This is Big Data & Analytics on a Smarter Planet.

Big Data & Analytics can help an organization streamline its operations, capitalize on new sources of revenue, engage customers as individuals, manage risk and prevent fraud and counterfeiting. But organizations are analyzing less than one percent of the vast supply of incoming data. Here's how Big Data & Analytics on a Smarter Planet can change the way a smarter enterprise works, the customers it serves and the products and services it offers.

Is there a new customer hiding in your data?
Is there a new customer hiding in your data?

Watch how Big Data & Analytics are changing the way leaders approach business.

Customer as individuals

The days of seeing customers as broad demographic "segments" are long gone. Today, Big Data & Analytics let companies serve their customers as individuals. After one $1.5 billion organization, XO Communications, discovered it could identify the factors that foretold a customer’s departure, it improved its customer retention by 26 percent—translating to an annual net benefit of $3.8 million.

Analytics can help an enterprise identify and deliver exactly what an individual customer needs, in the right place and at the right time, uncovering significant trends hidden in that enormous cache of incoming data. And analytics can help organizations stay competitive. The insights found within billions of transactions helped one small financial institution more than double the response rate to its promotional offers and greatly increase its customers’ use of debit cards.

Today, smarter enterprises are increasingly using the power of Big Data & Analytics to strengthen their customer relationships.

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Can you remove the blind spots in your business?
Can you remove the blind spots in your business?

Today, inventory management is critical, and not only for retailers. By adding customer opinions on social networks to historical demand, manufacturers and suppliers can use analytics to manage inventory better—increasing fulfillment rates and revenue by reducing surplus and expired inventory, and predicting customer orders months in advance.

A greater productivity

And the right Big Data & Analytics tools can help an enterprise in other ways. For a human resources team, the right analytics can help determine how teams might work together well, and can isolate problematic company policies. Analytics can also help a manager identify any hardware, asset or part that needs updating servicing or replacing before it breaks down.

An enterprise using Big Data & Analytics to find opportunities, rather than relying solely on human intuition, can now respond to its customers better than it ever has before.

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Can you spot fraud before it fools you?
Can you spot fraud before it fools you?

How the right analytics can help you prevent fraud.

Fighting fraud and counterfeiting

Fraud takes many forms, but predictive analytics can help an enterprise spot various types of illegal activity. An insurance company can use analytics to identify fraudulent claims, so it can process claims faster and more accurately—and even uncover previously undetected fraud that compromises its operations. A company can also resolve counterfeiting problems with RFID tagging so it can save significantly on product repair—and potentially lower the prices it charges its customers.

Now more than ever, Big Data & Analytics can help an enterprise monitor, detect and control fraud and other threats that jeopardize successful operations.

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