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The world is generating Big Data faster than ever, and at higher volumes. Here’s how a smarter enterprise can apply mobile, cloud, social business and Big Data & Analytics solutions throughout its organization to change how it serves its customers.

Analyze This More and more, doing business means looking carefully at all available data. Organizations using advanced analytics are five times as likely to make the right decisions faster than their competitors. And nearly a third of these organizations are developing new product strategies or market segments, helping them stay ahead of the competition. More on Big Data & Analytics Learn how Big Data & Analytics can help your business innovate
Safety in Numbers The typical organization loses 5 percent of its annual revenue to fraud. The analytics that can help an organization find new revenue streams and services hidden in Big Data can also uncover and prevent hidden security threats. Big Data & Analytics tools can let an enterprise focus on its growth by quickly detecting irregularities before they turn into costs. More on Security in Big Data & Analytics Find out how Big Data & Analytics can make your organization more secure
Cloud-Connected Cars Beyond storage and security, the cloud offers collaboration and connectivity. And that cloud-based connectivity has the potential to make our roads safer and reduce car accidents. In one developing innovation, on-board automotive sensors can detect and alert other vehicles to real-time changes in motion, so cars can spot trouble ahead before their drivers see it. More on IBM Cloud Innovation Find out how the cloud is helping one auto innovator make the world safer
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A Healthier Supply Chain For any large organization, serving customers efficiently begins with precise planning. McKesson, a pharmaceutical distributor, uses Big Data & Analytics to study and improve its supply chain, simulating and testing new processes in the cloud to find new efficiencies before deploying them in the real world. Making changes based on analytics helped the company save more than $1 billion in working capital. More on Efficiency in Big Data & Analytics Learn how Big Data & Analytics helped one company save $1 billion
Watch Big Data & Analytics in action for pharmaceutical distributor McKesson
Positive Energy Some companies are using Big Data & Analytics to make sure they are getting the most out of available resources with the least amount of consumption. Vestas, the world’s largest wind-power company, rapidly applies analytics to 13 years of weather reports, satellite images and other data to determine the optimal locations for wind turbines. This helped the company maximize its return on investment. More on Optimization with Big Data & Analytics Learn how Big Data & Analytics gives you a bigger picture