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IBM SOA Foundation for rail

The challenge

Integration, agility and responsiveness

Rail executives are being presented with a mandate by society to build rail systems that are smarter—to create a more responsive and agile operating environment by acquiring, associating and analyzing information across the rail network, and using that information to become more efficient and effective. Integration makes the operating environment transparent and more cost-effective, and a service oriented architecture (SOA) is the foundation upon which your rail can integrate these interfaces.


The solution

Smarter by design

IBM SOA Foundation for rail can yield important competitive advantages through an expanded rail ecosystem, asset optimization, new revenue model opportunities and new ways to serve customers—all predicated on a smarter operation.

IBM SOA Foundation is instrumented—it helps your freight or passenger rail company utilize the information delivered by your rail assets to model and optimize the processes that monitor and track those assets to ensure availability.

The solution delivers all the interconnectivity capabilities required to share information throughout your enterprise and between many different stakeholders, including the railway, shipper, rail car owner, travel agent, municipalities, inter-modal carriers and customers to most effectively use the services implemented throughout the architecture.

And it is intelligent—with IBM SOA Foundation for rail fully integrating your systems throughout the enterprise, and using IBM diagnostic and analytics, you can respond in real time to events that impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.


The benefits

Accelerate the performance of your railway

As your rail operation becomes more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent with IBM SOA Foundation, you can experience:


The specifics

Link up the ingredients for SOA

The reference architecture for the IBM SOA Foundation for rail can include:

We help you design, implement and optimize the IT solution we provide, and deliver services that can include:



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