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Smarter Railroads

Embedded intelligence, analytics and optimization are reshaping the granddaddy of the transportation industry

Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

Loyalty marketing solution for travel from IBM

In an industry over-saturated with customer reward programs, travel companies need to improve the entire journey. IBM can show you how to use analytics to implement a loyalty strategy to help you gain a significant advantage over the competition.

IBM Cognos software for travel and transportation

IBM® Cognos® software for travel and transportation helps you plan and forecast, align supply with demand, optimize for efficiency, monitor performance and adjust day-to-day operations to exceed targets and respond to market changes. It turns data into actionable information so you can make better-informed business decisions.

Video correlation and analysis suite from IBM

Traditional video surveillance systems present a number of challenges for transportation facilities. Video correlation and analysis suite (VCAS) from IBM can help integrate data from a variety of monitoring devices, and apply advanced analytics to improve security, reduce security overhead and move from a reactive to a proactive response.

IBM ILOG optimization solutions for travel and transportation

For travel and transportation companies, scheduling resources is a daily struggle. IBM ILOG® optimization solutions can simplify the process by computing every available schedule or route. With a clear view of the many possibilities to choose from, you can ensure assets are used in ways that generate the most value.

IBM Maximo® for Transportation

Smarter asset management can be the critical factor to remaining profitable and competitive. Our solution can help your business maximize asset reliability and availability, and enhance return on investment while reducing costs.

IBM Passenger Service System Integration Platform

Integrate and modernize your passenger service systems through a single, flexible platform to enable enhanced responsiveness to customer needs and ease access to information. By leveraging flexible, service oriented architecture, you can facilitate faster time to market and improved operational control.

IBM SOA Foundation for rail

Smarter rail requires an intelligence that is networked, communicating and aware throughout the rail ecosystem. IBM offers information sharing throughout your enterprise and between many different stakeholders, including the railway, shipper, rail car owner, travel agent, municipalities, inter-modal carriers and customers.

Customer self-service solutions for railways from IBM

As passengers return to railways to ease the pains of other transportation choices, they expect self-service options so they can control their experience. Employing customer self-service solutions for railways from IBM—across the web, kiosks and mobile devices—railways can improve efficiency while increasing customer satisfaction.

Operations planning and optimization solution for railways from IBM

Dependable, punctual, secure. Whether moving people, goods or materials, railways expect to have them arrive at their destinations exactly on time, safely and at a competitive cost. However aging systems, competition, recession, and increased demand are pressuring rail executives to build smarter, more efficient railways. The operations planning and optimization solution for railways from IBM can help predict demand and optimize capacity and infrastructure to improve railway efficiency.

Reservation System Integration Platform from IBM

Modernizing your reservation systems on a common, open infrastructure can provide your travel and hospitality company with the tools to improve customer services to maintain market share. Establish smarter reservation systems with advanced technologies from IBM to improve customer service quality, streamline processes within the carrier and across its alliance members, and reduce technology and distribution costs.

Self-service kiosks for rail

Give travelers the convenience they desire with self-service kiosks in your rail station. Shorten lines at ticket counters. Enable passengers to board their trains faster. Reallocate front-line staff to more value-add customer services. Improve passenger satisfaction to build loyalty.


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