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Miami-Dade Police Department

Using statistical analysis to find similarities in crime patterns helps break cold cases

How they did it

Miami-Dade Police Department: Finding hidden patterns in street crimes helps identify robbery suspects

Getting smarter

Using a Smarter Cities framework, Miami-Dade Police Department filters current crime data through historical crime patterns to provide detectives with breakthrough insights.

  • Instrumented: Key crime details, from location to modus operandi, are captured by detectives early in the investigation and fed into the Blue Palms model.

  • Interconnected: By integrating all of the department’s data from previously solved crimes into a common repository, the system identifies a series of distinctive crime signatures or common patterns.

  • Intelligent: By analyzing the data from unsolved cases against known crime signatures from solved cases, the model’s algorithms can identify specific high-probability suspects, thus enabling detectives to focus their investigative resources on the most likely individuals.

Smarter outcomes

A smarter Planet solution is measured by its results. Here are the outcomes of Miami-Dade Police Department´s smart lead solution:


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The use of IBM Smarter Cities technology is helping Miami-Dade Police Department close more cases and make streets safer for citizens and tourists.