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Optimized trade settlement practices transform the Mexican financial marketplace into a global leader

How they did it

Bringing forth the best. Villaseñor and his team had, in effect, a blank slate for proposing change, but they were bound by Indeval's stakeholders to propose a solution that reflected worldwide best practices for securities settlement systems, processes and technologies. Over the next six months, the team relentlessly sought out best practice insights from other settlement officials around the world. Then came the change to truly make the case.

Indeval: Mexico’s central security depository uses advanced matching algorithms that allow for near real-time settlement through prescriptive analytics

Getting smarter

Smarter trade settlement processing enables Indeval to reduce investor risk and financing costs.

  • Instrumented: Customer account transactions are automatically sent to the securities settlement system.

  • Interconnected: The securities settlement system integrates directly with its customers’ trading systems and offers near real-time processing.

  • Intelligent: Sophisticated optimization algorithms determine the best selection of which trades should be settled and in what order.

Smarter outcomes

A Smarter Planet solution is measured by its results. Here are the outcomes of Indeval's settlement solution. US$240 million in save interest costs in the first 18 months. 52% less cash on hand needed to cover trade settlements. 26% reduction in volume of securities required for settlement.

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Smarter trade settlement processing helps Indeval reduce its customers’ risk and cost.

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