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ESB Networks

Grid intelligence triggers a new era of energy transformation across Ireland

What they did

How they did it

ESB Networks: A “five rings” model combining wind power, a smart grid, smart meters, a nationwide charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and home energy generation has put Ireland on track to reach the government’s goal of 40 percent renewable energy consumption by 2020

Getting smarter

ESB Networks’ energy strategy brings together nationwide elements that work cohesively to reduce outages and increase the reliability of renewable power sources.

  • Instrumented: The solution monitors and tracks electricity usage from a variety of sources, ranging from real-time smart meters in the home to sensors mounted on electric vehicles, to compile a broad profile of customer power usage and broader behavior patterns.

  • Interconnected: Near real-time monitoring enables not only consistent, usage-based billing but also a feedback loop to grid planners to ensure grid capacity is in sync with electricity demand.

  • Intelligent: Embedded algorithms predict the impact of electricity usage patterns – be they household or vehicle-based – on grid capacity at different times of the day, enabling planners to make necessary adjustments and maintain grid stability.

Smarter outcomes

A Smarter Planet solution is measured by its results. Here are the outcomes of ESB Networks' smart grid solutions.


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ESB Networks’ first-of-a-kind smart grid solution is leading the way towards a greener Ireland – and a greener planet.