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Celcom Axiata

Uses data and analytics to drive customer engagement and market leadership

Celcom is part of the Axiata Group, one of the largest Asian telecommunication companies with more than 215 million mobile subscribers serving 1.6 billion people across 9 countries.

How they did it

Celcom has built an enterprise- wide analytics platform that has become the foundation for contextual marketing. By combining insight for real time data on customer service consumption, Celcom is able to deliver highly targeted promotions when customers are most ready to buy.

Getting smarter

Using advanced statistical analysis, Celcom combines insights with real-time data on customer service consumption to deliver highly targeted promotions when customers are most ready to buy.

  • Instrumented: From real-time integration with Intelligent Network, Celcom’s campaign management system can sense when a customer’s account dips below a balance that indicates the need to “reload.”

  • Interconnected: By integrating operational insights on network cost into its strategic marketing decisions, Celcom can optimize service package pricing to each customer.

  • Intelligent: Triggered by billing usage changes, Celcom marketers can automatically deliver a targeted promotional offer when the customer is most receptive to it, thus increasing conversion likelihood.

Smarter outcomes

A Smarter Planet solution is measured by its results. Here are the outcomes of Celcom’s smarter marketing solution:  90% reduction in time spent on analytics  80% reduction in new campaign launch time  70% increase in campaign performance driving ROI  Reduced churn through personalized campaigns   Improved customer loyalty, cross-selling effectiveness and average revenue per user  98% engagement rating among customer-facing employees


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Celcom provides its representatives with deep insights into customer needs so they can make the optimal recommendation at a critical point of contact.