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    Watson is open for business.

    Say hi to Silicon Alley’s newest techie.

    IBM Watson is moving to New York as part of IBM’s $1 billion investment in the development and commercialization of Watson technology.

    A large part of this initiative will be devoted to helping developers and entrepreneurs build a new class of applications, powered by Watson.

    “Together we’ll do things generations before couldn’t dream of.”

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      Watson’s New Digs

      The Design Studio

      A collaborative space that will focus on transforming the design and user experience of the next generation of apps and products.

      The Incubator

      Offering entrepreneurs and developers access to technology, resources and subject matter expertise to help them develop cognitive apps and products.

      The Solution Center

      Dedicated to showcasing and advancing IBM Watson solutions through customer interactions and live demonstrations.

      51 Astor Place New York, NY

      The IBM Watson Group will be housed in a new 12-story, glazed-glass building by famed architect Fumihiko Maki. Sitting on a full city block between Third and Fourth Avenues, this hub of innovation will be the new heart of Silicon Alley—home to the sellers, marketers, innovators, researchers, developers and engineers who will be working to expand Watson’s capabilities and reach.