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    The Watson Ecosystem is designed for independent software vendors (ISVs) that plan to apply Watson’s cognitive capabilities to disrupting and transforming markets

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    Businesses matching Watson’s criteria for anticipated revenue, market size and launch date, and other standards can apply for access to the Watson Services to develop, test and train cognitive applications they make commercially available.

    Technical qualifications for Watson Ecosystem application ideas:

    Supported content formats:unstructured documents in HTML, PDF, MS Word, or TXT
    Unsupported content formats:non-English; rich media including images, audio and video; Javascript; CSS; PDF scans
    Preferred structure:well-defined titles and sections, simple tabular data, non-encrypted/password protected
    Data:at least 50 percent of content is unstructured, and sufficient volume exists
    Invokes question and answer:Has a question and answer requirement with questions posed in natural language
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    1. In 300 words or fewer, explain your idea and any experience you have with it; its market potential and target customers; and how it would use Watson’s abilities to interact in natural language, read and understand unstructured data, and learn. * required
    2. In 300 words or fewer, explain the source and availability of the text-based information driving your idea; the format of that information (e.g., unstructured data, books, web pages); and whether you have access to it. * required

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