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    Begin your journey toward becoming a cognitive enterprise. Watson Explorer gives every part of your enterprise access to the information they need, when they need it.

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    New possibilities with cognitive exploration

    Watson Explorer combines content and data to help your organization work more efficiently and make better decisions.

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    Watson Explorer combines content and data from many different systems throughout the enterprise and presents it to users in a single view, dramatically reducing the amount of time spent looking for information and increasing their ability to work smarter. Explorer’s 360-degree information applications deliver data, analytics and cognitive insights relevant to the user’s role, context and current activities.

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    Explorer’s content analytics allow enterprises to extract meaning and insight from natural language content such as customer comments and research reports, and to use those insights to streamline business operations, uncover risk, gain a better understanding of customers, and make better decisions.

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    By integrating services from the Watson Developer Cloud, clients can take advantage of unique cognitive services such as entity extraction and question answer APIs to augment how they use Explorer.

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    Watson Explorer at Work

    Harnessing data in unprecedented ways, Explorer has already made a significant impact across industries.


    Advanced discovery capabilities from Watson Explorer help Onvia’s clients easily search for relevant information across 12 million records and receive search results in less than a second.

    As subscription-based information and research resource, Onvia tracks a vast amount of data on over 160,000 businesses, 90,000 agencies, three million people, and on average 500,000 projects each quarter. Onvia sought improved data exploration capabilities to help its customers more quickly and easily gain actionable insight into sales opportunities in federal, state and local agencies.

    Turning 12 million records into insights, Watson Explorer helped individual Onvia clients capture up to $50 million in additional revenue, while enabling Onvia to reduce costs and improve its win rate by 33 percent.

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    The National Library of Medicine (NLM)

    As the world’s largest biomedical library, the National Library of Medicine is using Watson Explorer to improve search, navigation and discovery capabilities to retrieve the precise medical information.

    In addition to a vast print collection, the National Library of Medicine produces electronic information resources on a wide range of topics and coordinates a 6,000-member National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

    As with most big data issues, enterprise search becomes a challenge, particularly when trying to find trusted information within the huge volumes of available data. To improve information delivery, the NLM recognized the need for enhanced capabilities to connect, collect, and access relevant information from databases and other repositories. By Implementing Explorer, the NLM is able to provide secure navigation and exploration across a broad range of NLM structured and unstructured content from a single access point. The tool’s users now rank it as the top government site.

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    Ministry of Justice, Brazil

    To fight corruption, drug trafficking and money laundering, Brazilian authorities implemented IBM Watson Explorer, which helped eliminating thousands of hours of manual investigative and research efforts.

    Established in 2003 by Brazil’s Ministry of Justice, the Department of Assets Recovery and International Legal Cooperation is responsible for recovering the proceeds of corruption, organized crime, drug trafficking and money laundering and set up labs to support these complex investigations

    To move faster than the criminals it sought to catch, the laboratory network wanted to shorten the time taken to identify illicit assets. Using Watson Explorer, Brazilian authorities synthesized terabytes of structured and unstructured data from databases, spreadsheets and even social media, enabling rapid detection of illicit assets. Roberto Zaina, Coordinator of the Federal Laboratory Network Against Money Laundering says, “IBM Watson Explorer helps us to separate the signal from the background noise, which frees our investigators to focus efforts on uncovering the hidden connections that point to illicit assets.”

    Users can now access highly efficient data-gathering from dozens of different sources, eliminating thousands of hours of manual investigative and research efforts. “We estimate that IBM Watson Explorer will enable us to accelerate our investigations exponentially,” says Zaina. “Identifying illicit assets requires us to move faster than the criminals, and our IBM solutions are helping us to do just that.”

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    Mobile Service Provider

    A top mobile service provider reduced average handling time, improved customer satisfaction, and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars when it implemented a product knowledge hub, built on IBM Watson Explorer.

    As the mobile service provider’s call center agents spoke with the subscribers, they were used multiple applications to look up relevant information that was often time-consuming and imprecise. The provider turned to Watson Explorer to supply over 40,000 call center agents with the information from multiple data sources to resolve customer issues faster and more reliably, resulting in lower average handling time and improved customer satisfaction. Most importantly, the move to production successfully met the client’s business case just in time for peak call volume during Black Friday shopping.

    The service provider estimated that every second shaved off the AHT results in millions of dollars in cost savings for their call center operations. The business also saved hundreds of thousands of dollars that were otherwise spent in manually segmenting and processing information. Today, call center agents do not answer any inbound calls without first logging into Watson Explorer.

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    Pharmaceutical Leader

    A pharmaceutical leader used Watson Explorer to provide an easy and secure single access point to huge volumes of data for 30,000 global employees.

    Pharmaceutical executives recognized the need to achieve greater transparency, agility and productivity throughout their global enterprise. Underlying these initiatives was the need to improve access to a vast amount of structured and unstructured data in various systems and locations around the world.

    In the pharmaceutical industry, sales representatives spend an average of 1.5 minutes with doctors, and regulations require that product information presented be current and accurate. With a single access point to the most current information in real time, sales staff can spend more time face-to-face with doctors.

    After evaluating other solutions, only IBM Watson Explorer withstood the stringent requirements needed. Within 10 weeks, the software was deployed as an enterprise-wide solution that infused transparency and provided authorized access to information. Developers created an intranet portal allowing 30,000 global employees to access the most recent and relevant content in real-time.

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