Take the next step with Watson

    Make your data work for you.

    IBM Watson Explorer

    Providing search, navigation and discovery over a broad range of data sources and applications both inside and outside your enterprise to help you uncover the most relevant information and insights.

    Secure search, discovery and navigation across the enterprise

    Rapid development and deployment of search-based applications

    Distributed, highly scalable architecture

    Helping you get more mileage from existing data

    Fuel productivity with greater access to the information you need.

    Improve collaboration and decision-making through better information-sharing. Reduce time-to-market for new products.

    Maximize innovation by empowering your employees.

    Equip staff with the most current information. Reduce training costs and eliminate redundancies.

    Increase revenue through better customer relationships.

    Empower employees to engage customers and prospects. Connect the right products to the right people with automated recommendations.

    Additional Features

    • Marketing

      Insights Turn to Income

      How one business intelligence provider uses IBM Watson Explorer to turn 12 million records into insights that help generate an estimated $50 million in client revenue.

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    • Watson Explorer at Work

      Vast Savings with Greater Efficiency

      An industry pioneer estimates that reducing research time by 30 minutes each week for their workers using IBM Watson Explorer could yield a savings of $40 million.

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    • Marketing

      Increased Sales with Improved Discovery

      A business publisher once needed weeks to build guides for clients from its massive advertiser database. Using IBM Watson Explorer, that process now takes a day or two.

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    • Healthcare

      Best-in-Class Research Tool

      The world’s largest biomedical library delivers faster results from its popular website powered by IBM Watson Explorer. The tool’s users now rank it as the top government site.

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    • Telecommunications

      Cost-Effective Transformation

      A leading mobile company with 40,000 call center employees uses IBM Watson Explorer to improve customer service.

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    • Government

      Government Efficiency

      One state government manages millions of public documents with IBM Watson Explorer: a flexible tool that saves thousands on operating costs for each of more than 200 agencies.

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