Concept Insights

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Understand which documents are related or extract high-level concepts mentioned in text

How it works

Concept Insights offers a set of services that enable you to do content recommendation and exploration. For instance, using Concept Insights you can provide a document, understand the high level concepts mentioned in it and recommend related documents. In another example, you can go beyond simple keyword searches to discover content that mentions concepts that are relevant to a query.

Intended Use

Concept Insights helps developers by suggesting content from their archive and from additional sources such as Wikipedia. For instance, Concept Insights can help organizations increase user engagement in the digital space by suggesting relevant articles, people, and topics. Additionally, the service can help organizations find the right person for a specific job or project.

  • Recommendation of related documents
  • Exploration of related documents
  • Understanding high level concepts for search or filtering
You Input:
  • Text
  • Collection of documents
Service output:
  • Related documents (based on your collection)
  • Concepts mentioned in the input document¬†

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Find TED talks through concepts, not just keywords.

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Example App

Find the perfect candidate, or your next role, with Cognitive Head Hunter

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Standard Tier


First 25 thousand API calls per month

Tier 2

$0.002 (USD) per API call.

1 - 1,000,000 API calls

Tier 3

$0.0015 (USD) per API call.

1,000,001 - 10,000,000 API calls

Tier 4

$0.0010 (USD) per API call.

10,000,001 and greater API calls

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