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    Say hello to Watson

    Meet IBM Watson, a cognitive system that enables a new partnership between people and computers that enhances, scales and accelerates human expertise.

    • Watson is everywhere

      Watson has been learning the language of professions and is trained by experts to work across many different industries.

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    • Harnessing healthcare data for better outcomes

      Doctors have teamed up with Watson to delve deep into medical information to help doctors identify the best treatment plans from clinical studies, medical publications and more.

    • Better engagements means better banking

      Using Watson, bankers now have a better grasp on data and provide more precise, customized and quality insights that meet clients needs.

    • A new kind of sous chef

      For chefs, creativity is a top priority. Now, they’ve tapped into Watson’s discovery capabilities to enhance their own creativity and discover groundbreaking new recipes.


    Build with

    With applications for industries ranging from healthcare to retail, there’s a Watson solution that’s right for your enterprise.

    watson explorer allows for natural language data exploration


    Find the needle in your haystack. Watson Explorer combines data exploration and content analytics capabilities to allow users to make ad hoc queries for broad topic searches and explore the full scope of content for unique insights.

    Learn more
    about Explorer
    watson discovery advisor helps researchers deliver insights

    Watson Discovery

    Discover faster than ever before. Watson Discovery Advisor enhances researchers’ expertise by synthesizing data to help formulate and explore hypotheses and investigate new findings.

    Learn more about
    Discovery Advisor
    watson engagement advisor provides customer service expertise

    Watson Engagement

    Close the gap between you and your customers. Watson Engagement Advisor provides users an easy, self-service way to scale expertise and get questions answered anytime, anywhere.

    Learn more about
    Engagement Advisor

    With Watson services readily available, developers can start building today, whether independently or through our partnership programs.

    screenshot of multiple watson apps available in developer cloud

    Watson Developer Cloud

    Start planting the seeds of cognition. Watson Developer Cloud is your direct portal to building a new generation of apps powered by cognitive computing .

    Learn more
    about Developer Cloud
    become a watson ecosystem partner and use IBM tools and experience to improve your business


    Help accelerate innovation. The Ecosystem is a partnership program bringing Watson tools, expertise, and more out to the marketplace for ISVs, startups and other partners.

    Learn more
    about the Ecosystem
    university students learn cognitive computing with watson

    Watson University

    Watson is going to school. Many universities have already incorporated cognitive computing courses into their curriculum. Yours could be next.

    Learn more
    about Academia

    Our machines should be nothing more than tools for extending the powers of the human beings who use them.

    Thomas Watson Jr.

    Watson News

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