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Curate the digital lifestyle

Use consumer insights to enhance your customers’ lives

People rely on electronic devices to stay in touch, provide entertainment, maintain their health, and to travel across town and across the globe. Connected devices like smart phones, gaming consoles, and in-home health monitors provide the digital lifestyle consumers demand.

These connected devices also generate massive amounts of consumer data. Consider that the data being carried on the Internet is approaching 500 billion gigabytes. That's the equivalent of a stack of books stretching from the Earth to Pluto ten times. As more and more devices come online, the amount of data will increase exponentially.

Some electronics manufacturers—and new players entering the market through digital convergence—are using insights generated from massive customer data to redefine product and service development process and deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Net TV from Philips Electronics demonstrates the value of information-driven innovation . Equipped with preconfigured connectivity out of the box, it provides access to hundreds of content providers the moment it is turned on.  Global communications device manufacturer Peltor  revamped its development and saw a 70 percent increase in product introductions over a given time period, with an 80 percent decrease in production errors, a 40 percent reduction in prototyping costs and a cut in new part development costs of one-third.

The benefit from insights-driven product and service innovation can be visible across an organization, from brand value—in making the "must-have" device and "killer apps"—to operational value—cost reductions in warranty, service, marketing and research and development. Insights derived from data allow electronics manufacturers to literally change the way people live their lives.

Product and service innovation from strategic IT investments

At the IBM Center for Applied Insights, our research demonstrates how information technologies that help your organization use data-driven customer insights can have a positive return on investment. Companies that successfully use data to predict and provide intuitive and relevant products and services take a strategic view of the capabilities they employ to realize their goals. The strategic view looks at these capabilities holistically, as a series of investments that build upon each other to achieve what we define as the journey to smarter product and service innovation.

Smarter product and service innovation: a competency outcome map. Gain new insights through collecting and standardizing data.

Rapidly changing customer expectations, highly disruptive trends and competition from non-traditional players are putting pressure on consumer electronics manufacturers. The key to success is to move past the idea of manufacturing devices to creating experiences that people want. To make this transformation, use data to start the journey to smarter product and service innovation.

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