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Data and analytics for Smarter Education

The challenge

Put data to work for the lifelong learner

States, provinces, prefectures and districts striving to support educational transformation have significant opportunities to leverage the data they collect about learner achievement throughout their lifetime. Many educational institutions have reporting systems to capture and manage student data within their own organizations, but are they truly getting a full view of that learner’s needs, progress, accomplishments and successes? The data and analytics offering for Smarter Education from IBM can help educators use all of this information to understand a learner’s educational experience, aspirations and needs. The solution enables the collection, management and analysis of data not only through the entire continuum of lifelong learning—from preschool through to the workforce—but also to support a learner’s academic goals and achievement.


The solution

Manage data for a 360-degree view

The data and analytics for Smarter Education offering supports the collection of education data across a variety of content, from applications to programs and service providers. It integrates data based on an industry standards-based framework which enables interoperability between databases and applications. As a result, you can securely record and analyze individual and aggregate learner and teacher performance data on indicators such as enrollment, assessment results, as well as drop-out and graduation rates. It also provides input to analytic systems and learning environments for insights to better inform teachers, administrators, learners and parents on how best to support student success.

Your educators need to understand not only how their learners are performing against standards but the implications of that performance on future achievement. This offering uses big data analytics tools to uncover hidden patterns and associations from disparate sources to predict student outcomes and recommend early interventions.


The benefits

Insight for academic and post-secondary success

With this offering from IBM, you can integrate analytics and decision management tools into your existing data management systems to provide teachers and learners with better-quality information to enhance educational programs and increase student success.


The specifics

Industry-leading analytics tools

IBM provides a comprehensive set of tools to help you meet your educational goals, and help your learners be successful. IBM does this with:



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