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A collaborative approach for cybersecurity education

Improving protection through global connections

In a world of increasing information security threats, academic initiatives focused on cybersecurity are proliferating—yet, there is still the danger of falling short in addressing the long-term threat. To avoid becoming too focused on near-term issues, programs must be more collaborative across their own institutions, with industry and government and among the global academic community.

Only by working in concert can we meet today’s demand while educating the next generation to create a more secure future.

There is a significant need for a common language of information security, not within the technical discipline, but between government, academia and different industries– information security specialists need to be understood by engineers, policy makers and business leaders, and vice versa.

— Prof. Dr. Michael Waidner
Chair Professor for Security in Information Technology, Technical University of Darmstadt, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology