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A new breed of information security leader

The hyper-connected era and what it means for CIOs and CISOs

Every day, new streams of information flow into corporations, powering up-to-the-minute analysis and smarter decisions. Employees, customers and contractors are all connected as never before, across a multitude of technologies. This hyper-connected era is new ground for many organizations.

These sprawling and overlapping networks pose daunting security challenges. The complexity is dizzying, the possible points of attack nearly limitless. CIOs and CISOs are grappling with growing frustrations—and questions.

Security Essentials for CIOs: enable innovation and manage risk

In this series, IBM examines what it will take to expand the role of information security to confront the challenges facing enterprises today.

  • Securing the extended enterprise

    Your enterprise must take vigorous steps to keep the entire information ecosystem secure. No matter where your data goes, or who uses it, the challenge is to keep it safe. Read the paper for some best practices.

  • Ensuring a more secure future

    Concluding this series, read about three challenges driving the future of security. As we become instrumented, intelligent, and interconnected security must be built in from the very beginning.

1 IBM X-Force 2011 Full Year Trend and Risk Report.