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Account opening for banking

The challenge

Customer experience can make—or break—a customer relationship

A new generation of customers, accustomed to increasingly innovative shopping experiences, is looking for more satisfying, valuable and faster interactions with financial institutions. At the same time, financial institutions are looking for ways to change their current processes to better attract and keep customers while reducing operational costs. The account opening solution for banking from IBM can help you can achieve these goals.


The solution

Simplify and automate the process

The account opening solution from IBM includes instrumentation that provides a comprehensive view into business activity through dashboards. Business events and “out-of-bounds” conditions can be defined and automatically detected, followed by the appropriate automated responses and actions. In addition, mobile phones, Bluetooth devices and other instrumented devices are used to enable financial transactions.

Using this information, this solution can help your bank create a more interconnected enterprise, including a single view of your customers, account and product information. This enables customers, employees and third parties to communicate and interact in a wide variety of existing and new methods.

Overall, the account opening solution enables the rapid, intelligent analysis of a vast mix of structured and unstructured data to improve insight, enable informed judgment, and provide a significantly improved customer experience. The solution can help you respond to changes quickly and accurately with insights distilled from data in near real time.


The benefits

Shorten account opening time. Streamline costs.

Our account opening solution automates the process from start to finish—from customer data capture, to credit and identity verifications, to account approval. And the solution is based on the IBM® Banking Industry Framework for a solid, comprehensive platform to support these new capabilities to delight the customer, while reducing operating costs through the following:


The specifics

Best-in-class processes and components

The account opening solution from IBM can include:



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