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Advances made with IBM Watson
Road trips made with cloud
Eggs made with data
Miami made with social
Music made with cloud
New customers made with data
Advances made with IBM Watson
Zoos made with data

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Smarter Food. A taste of the future. From farm to fork, a host of new systems help put dinner on the table.
Smarter Commerce. How to save $9 billion: smarter counter-fraud. Watch the video.
What is a Smarter Planet? 8 steps to smart. How leaders are finding a competitive advantage
Sustainability. Businesses can gain by reducing. A positive effect on the planet can mean a positive bottom line.
Smarter Products. Making things that (practically) think. Manufacturing in the age of  software and sensors
Mobile apps. Info at the ready. Download our smartphone apps for Android, iOS and Windows
Smarter Security. Security is in your hands. Protecting the mobile enterprise in a BYOD world
Smarter Public Safety. Faster first response. When street smarts meet pattern analysis, cities grow safer
People for Smarter Cities. Wanted: thinkers and doers. How would you make your city smarter? Share your ideas.