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IBM Digital Video Surveillance

The challenge


Video worth a thousand words

Today’s world requires comprehensive surveillance to protect airports, railways, bridges and ports from sabotage, terrorism, theft or vandalism. But video surveillance alone has not improved site security nor sufficiently reduced its safety risks — even with an increased number of cameras. Magnetic tapes take storage space, eventually wear out and aren't easily shared between security centres. Reviewing an event can take hours or even weeks to find evidence. Digital technology and video analytics provide the opportunity to get more value out of the video content captured and stored.


The solution


Realtime access to recorded events and analytics

IBM® Digital Video Surveillance provides the ability to view, monitor and digitally record activity throughout your environment with realtime access to your critical security information. IBM Digital Video Surveillance incorporates IT security and physical security to make it easier for airports and railway stations to use video surveillance for pedestrian flow monitoring and analysis, pedestrian safety, cargo inspection and other transportation logistics. And it provides a number of advantages over traditional video solutions, including:

Because IBM Digital Video Surveillance is IP-based, it is instrumented, capturing video as a stream and transporting it over an IP-based network for further indexing and analysis. Rules can be set for detection of unusual activities. Video can be interconnected and shared among multiple security locations, and activities monitored across multiple premises, potentially reducing the need for staffing. Videos in digital format can be compressed, archived and stored away for years, making retrieval of archived digital videos a much easier task than retrieval of an analogue video tape at a physical storage facility.

In addition to basic video capture, IBM Digital Video Surveillance can be integrated with advanced technology such as wireless networking, facial recognition analytics, licence plate recognition and data analysis to improve operational efficiency and provide intelligence to respond immediately to realtime events.


The benefits


Advance digital surveillance technology

IBM Digital Video Surveillance can enhance security at transportation facilities, including airports, ports, railways and roadways. The solution can help:


The specifics


Enhance physical security with analytic capabilities

IBM Digital Video Surveillance provides an integrated video surveillance and security solution that can include components such as cameras, digital video recorders, servers, storage systems, software and network devices, including:



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