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Featured case studies

Fan experience made with IBM
The tension builds on Centre Court as a titanic struggle between two players reaches a climax. Only a few thousand people can experience that moment live but the same experience is brought to life and shared through TV screens and digital devices around the world.

Find out how IBM and our digital agency IBM Interactive Experience help make that happen.

The Netezza Factor.

Feeding an appetite for data
An online content provider used behaviour targeting for thousands of customer segments with IBM Netezza solutions.

Monetising assets
PRISA Media Group created new value opportunities for its books, newspaper and television assets, developing products focused on customer needs and behaviour.

Analytics uncover revenue
Rodale uncovered vital search keyword information and increased advertising revenue with IBM Coremetrics analytics software.

An animation studio likes green
High performance computing helps Kantana Studios create memorable movies with a smaller energy footprint - without sacrificing speed.