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L'Oreal delivers results in line with its realised savings objectives by improving supplier management, cost reduction and compliance.


Kiddicare, the largest UK online nursery and baby supplier, increases online sales by 20% in 4 months through basket analysis with IBM Coremetrics.


Merlin Entertainments Group, the second largest theme park and attractions company in the world, boosts online ticket sales with a global eCommerce solution.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls builds decision models to analyse supply chain configurations that factor in warehousing, transportation, carbon footprint and service requirements.

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Dal-Tile will save over $2 million per year with more efficient order management processes.


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Villa Plus, the largest villa tour operator in UK, maximises average booking value on its website and reduces unsold inventory, by accurately tracking visitor booking behaviours and trends and aligning its marketing campaigns, with IBM Coremetrics.

virgin atlantic

Virgin Atlantic increases online booking values by seven percent, gaining deeper insights into online customer behaviour with help from IBM.

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Kramp Groep B.V.'s customers have embraced the company's eCommerce strategy, with 85 percent of all orders now received online.

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The Irish Dairy Board streamlines its realtime supply chain to enhance its global business market of hundreds of suppliers and customers.


Nationwide transforms its online banking with IBM, providing a more powerful and intuitive online banking experience.