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Smart grid security and privacy solutions from IBM

The challenge

Need for a consolidated view of security

As the transition to “smart grid” technologies accelerates, the traditional one-way flow of power and data in isolated systems is giving way to a more intelligent electricity delivery. Instrumented grid operations and an advanced metering infrastructure enable energy and data to flow in multiple directions throughout a more integrated system. In these emerging intelligent utility networks, grid access points and networked systems have increased, along with a corresponding rise in the risk of cyber-breaches. Concerns related to data privacy and security have also led to multiple standards and regulations. These challenges require a proactive, integrated approach and are a critical aspect of any smart grid infrastructure.


The solution

An end-to-end approach

IBM offers a portfolio of solutions to help address your security, privacy and related compliance capabilities. With solutions designed to reduce vulnerabilities, help detect attacks, and prevent breaches in your infrastructure, we can evaluate your current security, test its readiness and bolster passive measures with more proactive features. Our experts can work with you to more intelligently connect systems and processes, providing you with a consolidated view of security to help you more easily monitor security device services, security events and logs. In addition, we can apply our extensive experience developing and implementing security standards to enable you to deploy or reconfigure complex systems to help you better manage compliance with evolving security and privacy regulations.


The benefits

An integrated architecture

Smart grid security and privacy solutions from IBM are designed to help:

  • Improve grid reliability by addressing cyber-security vulnerabilities with an end-to-end approach
  • Facilitate increased operational efficiency using an integrated architecture designed to automate manual processes
  • Strengthen safeguards and manage responses to evolving security and privacy regulations via an integrated view of operations


The specifics

Monitor overall security with a consolidated view

Our solution supports interconnected systems and processes, providing you with a consolidated security view that can enable easier monitoring of your overall security, while helping you manage evolving security and privacy compliance regulations.
You can benefit from capabilities including:

  • A scalable security architecture that can enable application of security policies and controls throughout your infrastructure in a more consistent, repeatable manner.
  • The ability to analyse incoming data to set security parameters based on certain indicators, such as suspicious usage patterns, and automatically trigger preventive actions to defend against potential data-privacy and security breaches.
  • Built-in security analytics to help correlate fast-growing and increasingly complex data produced by smart grid sensors.
  • Assistance with report generation for internal audit and regulatory compliance and governance.