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Smart Energy

The UK faces unprecedented energy and climate challenges. The decisions we make now will affect the planet and our way of life for generations.

Cyber security for energy and utilities

The challenge

How secure is your security?

Whether you are protecting the electrical grid, power generation facilities or smart meters, system complexity is your biggest cyber-security challenge. When combating threats — such as viruses, worms, hijacking, and data mis-configuration, modification and theft — companies can fail to address vulnerable interfaces between their diverse systems or consider how their security infrastructure functions as a whole. The cyber security solution for energy and utilities from IBM is designed to evaluate your systems from end to end, cutting costs as it improves operational, financial and strategic efficiencies across your enterprise. We can help secure your information assets from Internet attacks virtually 24x7.


The solution

Stay ahead of cyber threats

As part of this solution, we evaluate your current security and test its responses, bolstering passive measures like firewalls with more active features such as anomaly detection. Our radio frequency (RF) specialists can assess your computer network for vulnerabilities. Our managed services teams can monitor your computer network remotely. And our systems technology group can support a range of high-availability servers and storage — if a server fails, another can take over, storing data and helping to keep your systems secure.

Integration is key to managing today’s complex security systems. Our team will work with you to interconnect systems, processes and people to help simplify how you manage security services, events and logs. We can also provide you with a consolidated security view through a Web-based management portal — a single interface to help you easily monitor all managed and unmanaged security devices.

This greater visibility can help you make more intelligent decisions that improve security throughout your company. Analysing more complete information can help you improve existing safeguards, facilitate regulatory compliance and set parameters so small events don't trigger bigger problems. Detecting outages or identifying abnormal network incidents means you can respond more quickly, redirecting power or shutting down a substation. And as you increase efficiencies and reduce incidents, you can cut costs.


The benefits

Safety first

Let IBM help you build a proactive, integrated approach to managing security risks, costs and regulatory compliance. Our solution is designed to:


The specifics

A better mousetrap

The cyber security solution features IBM’s proven, cutting-edge security technology, including: