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Smart Energy

The UK faces unprecedented energy and climate challenges. The decisions we make now will affect the planet and our way of life for generations.

Smart grid maturity model

The challenge

Moving from a traditional to a progressive power grid

Electric grids today reflect a time when energy was cheap, their impact on the environment wasn't a priority and consumers weren't even part of the equation. The world is ready for a smarter, more dynamic power grid that can dramatically reduce outages and faults, improve responsiveness, handle current and future demand, increase efficiency and manage costs. IBM helped develop the smart grid maturity model to help you establish a clear path from your traditional grid to a smart grid


The solution

Advance global deployment and smart grid utilisation

This strategic framework can help your company develop business cases and explicit plans to move toward a smart grid infrastructure. It begins with an assessment that determines the current level of maturity for your utility. Next, it helps identify gaps that need to be filled to achieve a smart grid. For example, gaps in strategy development, infrastructure upgrades, system and plant integration, automation and analysis, and the ability to implement emerging technologies.

The smart grid maturity model also helps track quantifiable results from the implementation of smart grid initiatives. And it can support investment cases, strategic planning and direction for individual utilities, governments, regulators and industry leaders. The smart grid maturity model helps you define your steps toward a smart grid transformation.


The benefits

Turn advanced analytics into insights

The smart grid maturity model consists of eight domains, or logical groupings of functional components of a smart grid transformation implementation. It can help your utility focus on:



The specifics

Overview of the smart grid maturity model

The smart grid maturity model defines characteristics that you would expect to see at each stage along your transformation. It uses observable indicators of progress — measurable outcomes that should come with maturity. The five smart grid maturity levels are: