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Making the smart grid work

The future of smarter energy

Energy in the UK is at a critical juncture. A fundamental transformation must be completed to enable a smarter energy future, starting with the imminent mass roll-out of smart meters to every electricity and gas customer and progressing to the establishment of a smart grid.

The transition to a smart electricity grid in the UK represents a tremendous opportunity but also carries significant risks, which means concerted action by all stakeholders is vital. The “trilemma” – sustainability, affordability and security – must be addressed together in order to meet our energy needs in a way that safeguards national security and economic prosperity while meeting government commitments on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

Over the next decade game-changing technological innovations will emerge, conferring significant advantages on those who seize the opportunity. The smart grid revolution will be led by those companies that fully embrace R&D, but only if they are able to retain the confidence and support of their customers as well as the regulators.

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