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Create an integrated shopping experience

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Playground of the millennial
The next generation of shoppers are ready for the next generation of shops. Watch the video to learn more. (00:02:24)

In days gone by, a shopper’s experience began by crossing the threshold of a store and ended with the sliding slam of the till. But today’s consumer begins shopping well before setting foot in a store, if ever. And with smart phones, tablets and social media, the retail experience continues long after the transaction is complete.

Tomorrow’s retailers need to provide their customers with new ways to interact and shop, while at the same time meeting the perennial challenges of the business: winning consumers while driving down costs.

From transactions to relationships: connecting with a transitioning shopper
IBM surveyed over 26,000 consumers in 14 countries to see what consumers want from retailers. Read the report.

Using social to track a trend
Social sentiment analysis can help retailers spot the next big thing. Here’s how it works (US)

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Three imperatives for smarter retail

Deliver a smarter shopping experience

Help all customers feel as if you know them personally, and that you have their interests in mind. This level of intimacy will ultimately create long-lasting and rewarding relationships for you and your customers.

Build smarter merchandising and supply networks

Retailers need to offer merchandise with assortments tailored to meet distinct tastes and preferences in different places and contexts. Then you need efficient and tightly controlled supply networks that allow you to extract the maximum value from every unit of inventory investment, while enabling strict accountability and product traceability.

Drive smarter operations

Streamline back-office processes, take advantage of reduced-cost delivery models and establish enhanced visibility of organisational performance.

Deliver a smarter shopping expirence. Build smarter merchandising and supply networks. Drive smarter operations.

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1. Our survey was conducted in November 2011; it includes consumers in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico Spain, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States.

2. Analytics: The New Path to Value. Joint study by the MIT Sloan Management Review and the IBM Institute for Business Value. Copyright © Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010.