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Reservation system modernisation

The challenge

Don't let disparate systems be an anchor to your reservation systems

Antiquated and siloed booking and reservation systems present a significant block to modernising your travel and hospitality operations. Information, convenience and efficiency are critical to maintaining your customers’ loyalty. By modernising your reservations systems using a common, flexible foundation such as service oriented architecture (SOA), you can help your company become more agile and better able to serve changing market needs. The reservation system modernisation solution from IBM can help you update rigid or underperforming systems into a more streamlined, componentised, common architecture with minimal disturbance to your ongoing operations.


The solution

Give your reservation system wings to take flight

The reservation system modernisation solution from IBM can help you offer smarter reservations that can extend your reservation capabilities to a variety of channels, including kiosks, Web sites, mobile devices and radio frequency identification (RFID)-enabled ID cards. You can streamline reservations by providing integrated information from all channels, and interconnecting traveller functions with a single unified passenger record. By linking traveller records from the point of reservation, to billing, to post-travel follow-up services, you can develop intelligence about travellers that can easily lead to upgrades or add-on functionality from third-party vendors using the same open model. We help you build a roadmap to componentising your reservation system. This framework can prepare your systems for the future of travel without requiring you to disrupt your current systems.


The benefits

All aboard for easier and faster booking

Using SOA enablement provides more flexibility, allowing for increased revenue that can help offset the costs of implementation. The reservation system modernisation solution from IBM is designed to help your business:


The specifics

Be at the front of the bus with an open, common framework

Our solution is based on SOA and provides an openly published service model which defines the reservation system functions. The IBM Component Business Modelling approach can help identify major clusters of activities within reservation areas. This provides a service roadmap to begin componentising your reservation system. The reservation system modernisation solution from IBM is designed this way to help you create a holistic view of how the new reservation system would interact with the rest of your operations in a seamless fashion. The solution also includes service wrappers for legacy code bases, allowing first-generation applications to support the service model. IBM also work with IBM Business Partners to provide service "bundles" that will work with the service model to provide advanced functionality — such as, a single view of the customer and customer lifetime equity management.



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